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Thanksgiving Recipes and Tips Online

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One way to practically guarantee a low-stress Thanksgiving is to plan and make things ahead of time. With so many recipes, decorating tips, and menu plans out there, it can be hard to figure out where to start! So we've created a list of some of the best Thanksgiving go-to guides online. These 10 sites offer everything from wine pairings to dessert ideas to advice on how to carve the perfect turkey. Start planning now... Thanksgiving Day will be here before you know it!

  1. Epicurious.com. Epicurious is the combined archives of Bon Appetite and Gourmet magazines. The recipes aren't always easy or quick, but they offer plenty of ideas, tips, how-to's and -- oh, yes -- recipes to make your mouth water.

  2. The Food Network. The repository of recipes from chefs made famous by the Food Network, including Bobby Flay, Emeril Lagasse, Tyler Florence, Paula Dean, and Alton Brown. There's something for every type of cook, from novice to expert, trendy to traditionalist.
  3. Smitten Kitchen. With recipes for everything but the turkey, the only reason to serve up the standard green bean casserole this year is that you can't live without it.

  4. The New York Times. The venerable newspaper has been covering Thanksgiving for generations, and their Thanksgiving round-up is extensive. Includes suggestions for wine pairings, how-to videos, and more.
  5. Allrecipes.com features fast, user-friendly recipes in general, but their focus on Thanksgiving is a busy working mom's dream come true.
  6. In a Vegetarian Kitchen offers vegetarian and vegan fare that goes far beyond your standard side dishes.
  7. Gluten-Free Thanksgiving sources. A Gluten-Free Guide points out some of the unexpected places gluten can lurk in traditional Thanksgiving dishes, and offers tips and recipes for those with gluten sensitivity and celiac disease; they also have some wonderful recipes at their new site, including some wonderful gluten-free Thanksgiving desserts. And Shauna James Ahern offers some great gluten-free recipes for Thanksgiving (and any other occasion) on her blog, Gluten-Free Girl.
  8. Cooking.com is perhaps better known for it's catalog of high-end cooking gear and gadgetry, but their website offers holiday recipes that you might not find anywhere else.

  9. Food & Wine. Solid recipes, practical tips and, of course, wine and cocktail ideas from the experts at Food & Wine magazine.
  10. Cooking Light. Looking for healthier versions of traditional Thanksgiving favorites? Cooking Light magazine has compiled quite a few, and offers suggestions for table setting and planning for first-time Thanksgiving hosts as well.


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