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Top 10 Educational Websites for Kids

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Whether you're looking to help your child catch up with certain subjects, trying to teach your child to read, helping your tween ahead in school, or searching for ways to supplement your homeschooling curriculum, the games, printables, and other offerings at these 10 websites are a great place to start.
  1. Exploratorium. The physical Exploratorium is housed inside San Francisco’s Palace of Fine Arts and was founded by Dr. Frank Oppenheimer; the web version sprawls over 18,000 pages and hundreds of scientific subjects. A kid could get (wonderfully) lost without every having to leave her desk.
  2. Starfall This site is all about helping kids learn to read, with everything from the ABC basics to Chinese fables and Greek mythology for those who already know their way around a book by themselves. Its phonics foundation helps kids learn how to recognize sounds and eventually figure out words on their own.
  3. The Kidz Page. A portal to a plethora of games, coloring pages, puzzles and more. The free games are in two categories, educational and "regular," but to be honest, the educational ones are far more interesting. Math puzzles, baby-face Sudoku (with faces instead of numbers), word searches, and "spot-the-difference" games are challenging and fun for youger kids.
  4. Funbrain. Kids learn most easily when they’re playing, which is one reason why Funbrain is popular with parents and teachers alike. The teacher’s page directs you to practical things like flash cards and curriculum guides, but parents who are looking to give their children a more casual learning experience can head right on over to the free games section.
  5. Enchanted Learning. Enchanted Learning offers easy-to-digest printables for preschoolers and kindergarteners, as well as plenty of craft ideas tucked in among the lessons. The picture dictionaries are especially cool for budding linguists.
  6. Nick Jr.  It may seem strange to think of TV's Nick Jr. as educational, but there's more to learning than reading, writing, and arithmatic. The games here sharpen language recognition, hand-eye coordination, sorting and organizational concepts, and puzzle- and problem-solving skills using characters and ideas your preschoolers probably recognize.
  7. Kids Know It. This site allows kids to explore a number of subjects, from human biology to spelling to astronomy; there's also a database of free, downloadable songs in MP3 format to help kids reinforce what the kids are learning. The site's animal database is a great virtual trip to the zoo!
  8. Zula Patrol. This site seems more game-oriented than educational, but don’t be fooled — there’s some serious learning going on here. The science and astronomy-focused program is geared towards kids from Pre-K to 2nd grade.
  9. PBSkids. Tying in to  Public Broadcasting classics like “Sesame Street” and “Arthur” as well as newer educational programs like “Word Girl” and “Super Why,” PBSkids.org offers games that are so much fun, little kids won’t even notice they’re learning.
  10. Scholastic.  There so much here that it's hard to know where to start. Scholastic has compiled an amazing teacher's resource that parents can also use for free, with subjects and lessons geared for everyone from pre-kindergarteners all the way through 12th graders. Browse by grade and subject, and be sure to check out the red-starred offerings.

17 comments so far...

  • What a great way to break down the educational games websites. I am curious on how you came up with the criteria for breaking down all of the educational websites down to 10. What do you think of this site http://educationalgamesguide.com

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by edugamez on 8th June 2012

  • www.ColoringPages4U.com is another great coloring site, with lots of educational content.

    I know there are A LOT of coloring page websites out there, but this one is different. All of the coloring pages can be colored in online, and not just with the usual simple flood fill. There is also a brush tool, and a magic brush (like the brush, but stays inside the lines). These tools mean that kids can get really creative with shading, and adding details, or even create their very own artwork from scratch on one of the blank pages.
    There's loads of other great features, and FREE coloring contests too!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by ColoringPages4U on 31st May 2012

  • Great list of sites! A great search site for kids is http://www.kids-search.com . They will block adult websites and images from children's google searches.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by on 29th May 2012

  • there,s another educational website and itis mathblaster.com

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by jacobdodge on 22nd May 2012

  • theres another educational website and it,s study village.com

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by jacobdodge on 22nd May 2012

  • www.edugain.com is another very good website for Math practice online and printed worksheets.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Anamika on 11th May 2012

  • HiFiKIDS.com is another revolutionary way of motivating kids for their own passion or anything of their interests. We encourage kids to come up and present their topic of interests (Acting, Music, Singing, Sports, Math, Space Science, Science experiment or anything they are good at) in front of the video camera by asking one single question at the end of their presentation with multiple choice answers (Remember "Who wants to be a millionaire" or "Who is smarter then 5th grader?" format but here kids act like an anchor of the hifikids.com's "Who is more passionate?" program) and then upload the video presentation in our Passion School. It comes for the approval to check if the contents are appropriate for that age and submitted parameters are appropriate. Once approved by the approver it then gets published for the similar age kids for the respective language and region. So the number of questions kids submit and the number of questions kids answer correctly which is submitted by another same age kids are totaled which generates passion graph. In this public level program, we encourage kids to come up with the topics they love or they know the most or they enjoy the most and can comfortably present in front of the camera. This is how our passion graph accurately shows their growing passion and by doing this over the period will help teachers /parents to know their real interests or genuine skills. We have started yearly competition for "Who is more passionate?" where we will award the kids at the end of every year 31st December.

    Here are some videos to watch:
    1) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jS3xJgZkeGM
    2) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5EwF_rXzH40

    This is completely free website, however only paid members can participate in our yearly competition to receive yearly award. Yearly subscription is $15 per child per year(who is less than 18 year old).
    Please contact us at support@hifikids.com for any further questions. Please note that this website is fully compliant with COPPA policy.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by HiFiKids on 6th April 2012

  • I love the Preschool Adventures of Scuba Jack!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Beth Costanzo, M.Ed. on 31st March 2012

  • Another interesting website is otkrivam.com.
    My nephew and I spend quality time there:)
    The target audience is 6-14 years old children living in South East Europe, learning about the cultural heritage in the region, acting as explorers while choosing countries of their choice. Enjoy!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Mina Bg on 7th February 2012

  • hi waz up $exo

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by batoul on 2nd February 2012

  • Can also check www.makemegenius.com. It claims to be most visited site for Science videos in India for children. Also they claim to be best Indian educational website for children. It also has lot of Power Point lessons. All of it is free ,check it if you wish

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by sarora on 1st February 2012

  • You can also add this bforball.com site. It's a fun learning site for preschool kids.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Gretish on 9th November 2011

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